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Advanced Implant Dentistry

 (Actual Patient's)



                                                        Pre Op             

                      (Crown Preps #3, 7 & Implants / Abutments #4, 5, and 6)

Patient had failed Bridge work post-Endodontic treatment and lost several permanent

teeth. Single Implants and Implant Supported Bridges were treatment planned for

fixed prosthesis.  




                                                       Post Op

                      (Crowns #3, 7 and Implants/ Abutments/ Crowns #4, 5, 6)

 Porcelain crowns cemented over Implant Abutments. (4 months start to finish).



             Pre Op                              Post Op

Implants/Abuts #7 & 10:        Crowns #7 & 10:

#7 and 10 were congenitally   Porcelain Crowns cemented

missing. Removable Partial    over Implant Abutments.

Denture was replaced with     (3 months start to finish).

Implants + Abutments +

Porcelain Crowns.



Patient used to wear Removable Partial;

wants a fixed Implant Supported Bridge.

Directional indicators for Implants to be

placed in positions #7, 10.



Bridge abutment preps teeth #6, 11.  Crown

preps #12, 14.  Implant healing caps #7, 10,



Implant/natural teeth supported bridge

#6-11.  Single crowns #12, 14.  Implant/

abutment/crown #13.  All fixed, no more

removal prosthesis. (4 months start to






Patient presents with this bite. Maxillary       Periodontally involved teeth; over the year  

Full Denture over natural lower teeth.            the teeth moved and flared out. Condemned.



Immediate Lower Dentures were made.           After 4 months the Implant attachments

Dentures were ready after 10 days. All lower   and the Denture Attachments were added

teeth were removed, two full size Implants       so now the Dentures "locked down".  Very

were immediately placed. The denture was      tight lower fitting dentures. The bite was

delivered that same day.                                corrected too. (4 months start to finish).





Patient wears Upper and Lower Dentures.            The Denture Attachments. Patient

Had a new set made and 4 mini implants             requested a very conservative lower denture.

plus 4 attachments added the same day.



The top of the very conservative Denture.              View of Maillary Full Denture plus Mandibular

Very strong.  Hasn't broken; 10 years old.             Full Implant retained Denture.





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